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Easiest way to find someone's burial place is to use a locator system or download app which is available in the same cemeteries. This system is used by many cemeteries in the United States and is a great tool to look for tomb of someone you lost or. With this system, you can search a tomb ia two ways.

1 way is to look for a grave search by name, and the second is to look for a tomb by location. You will have to find a grave in cemetery by name in the search field and then click on search. 

2 way is not so easy because it is not a good idea to look for a find grave by index or location. If you don't know where the burial place is. This is because there are a lot of united states cemeteries and if you don't know where the graveyard is located, you might not know where to start looking.

If burial place you are looking for is over 50 years old, for example memorial, veteran or famous people graves, burial place may not have any records of burials. You may want to contact the local historical or genealogical society in your area. Many societies have indexes to cemetery records.

Online Cemetery

If you do not find a grave online you are looking for within service, please check online listings of burials at a local cemetery. Phone directories for most cities contain a listing of all of the cemeteries within city limits. If a person is buried at a national cemetery such as Arlington or Beaufort, you may want to contact the graveyard directly. You may also want to contact the local genealogical society. Many genealogical societies have either indexes or books of burial place listings. If burial place is privately owned, you will want to contact the owners of property.

Methods to Find Someone's Grave

First method to look for your friend's burial place location is to find gravesite of a person with the same name. For example, if you have a relative whose name is John Smith and you know where he is buried, you can search location of other people. If there are people with the same name buried, same cemetery.

Second method to find a grave in a virtual map of a person buried at the same cemetery, you can look for the location of that cemetery online. For example, if you know where your relatives are buried, you can look online for the graveyard location and see if there are other people buried.

Another way to find location of your loved ones is to find people living at the same address. You can search people who live at the same address as your relatives. This method of searching for the location of someone is not very popular, but still, it is worth trying.


  1. How to find a grave for free?

Simplest way to search tomb of a person is to use free grave locators on the cemetery website.

  1. How to look for online out if the cemetery has a burial place?

Select "Information" section, then select "Map" tab.

  1. How to find a grave free search with a photo?

Select "Photo" in search form, then upload an image and choose some burial place .

  1. What happens in the event of a mistake with some information in the burial place?

Information about grave location is updated by administration.

  1. How often the burial places updated?

Information is updated daily.

  1. How to find the burial place of a person?

In the "Search" section in cemetery records online.

Grave and Cemetery Records for Free